Seasonal World Complete Pool Closing Package Includes:

The winterization of all plumbing lines both inlet and outlet, in addition all filter(s) and pump(s) will be drained of any water. The removal of handrails and ladders will be done and winterization chemicals will be added. All chemicals that are added are for Chlorine based systems. An additional charge of $35.00 will be applied to swimming pools that are setup on a NON-Chlorine based system. It will be the responsibility of the homeowner to inform Seasonal World if NON-Chlorine chemicals are required. The winter cover will then be put onto the pool and any necessary adjustments will be made. Furthermore, if the first three feet of decking around the swimming is comprised of a paver, please be sure to inform our service department if you have not done so thus far, seeing as there may be additional charges for rod kits that may be needed during installation of the cover.

Please be advised payment is due either in advance to our Clarksburg location or, if you choose, due upon arrival of our service crew the day of your scheduled closing. Payment the day of the closing is due in either the form of cash or check. Unfortunately, Seasonal World will not permit any of its service crews to proceed with a pool closing unless payment is collected prior to commencement of work. Please note that this is simply a Seasonal World standard operating procedure, which has come as a result of the high frequency of non-payments after Seasonal World has rendered its services.

The above is what is included in the cost of your pool closing and is what the invoice total covers. However, there are some items if not addressed preceding the closing that may cause additional charges to the total cost of the closing. The following are items that should be taken care of prior to the closing to avoid excess service charges: All materials needed for closing are out and accessible (i.e. plugs, gizmos, winter cover, winter cover accessories etc.), all circuit breakers are turned on for all pumps and motors, access gates unlocked or someone home to unlock gates and/or payment in full prior to start of work (as per second paragraph).These items listed above are some of the examples that may cause a delay or prohibit the closing. In the event that additional labor or time is involved in the closing due to any of the issues that are stated above or other issues that are not foreseen and are outside the standard protocol of the closing; a service charge will be issued at the most current rates and is due prior to the work being performed. If you do decide to cancel your opening, 24-hour advance notice is required. If opening is not canceled within this time frame a $65.00 cancellation fee will be added to your account. If there are any additional questions concerning your pool closing please feel free to contact our service department during normal business hours.