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Everything You Wanted To Know About Choosing The Right Safety Cover To Fit Your Pool

  • How long does it take to get a safety cover?

    The length of time for ordering a safety cover will vary based on the size and shape of your pool, amount of obstacles, and the time of the year. Average lead time from the point that a cover is ordered to the point that a cover is installed on a pool can range from 2-5 weeks based on the time of year and the complexity of the individual installation. [READ MORE]

    Most people order covers between July and the middle of October. This time is known as “Safety Cover Season.”

  • How do I know when it is time to remake my current safety cover?

    There a few things that will let you know it is time to replace your safety cover. One thing to consider is the exact age of the cover. The life expectancy will vary depending on the type of cover. Solid covers have a shorter life span than mesh covers. The integrity of the cover is important to consider too. The cover should always maintain strength in its webbing. [READ MORE]

    For example, if something was to go on top of the cover, the cover should be able to support an item’s weight. As a cover begins to lose its integrity, such as rip or fray, it should be extensively repaired or replaced. The most important thing to keep in mind is the safety of the cover. Over time, it is important to make sure that the cover is maintaining its integrity and if not it should be replaced in a timely fashion to ensure safety for your family and your pets, as well as protect your investment.

  • How long does the actual installation of the safety cover take?

    The installation of the safety cover will vary depending on which type of cover it is – new or remake. During the installation of a remake cover, the cover is unfolded out of the box, placed over the pool, and preliminarily fit. New hardware is typically installed onto each strap and each strap is aligned to the designated anchor that it was remade from. Most pools that have minimal obstacles and are moderate in size will take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to reinstall, refit, and adjust the cover as needed. [READ MORE]

    New installations are defined as installations in which anchors have to be installed into the decking around the pool, such as cement or wood for example. This will vary depending on a few things: complexity of the cover, size of the cover, obstacles, and the material the deck is made of. On average, pools with minimal obstacles as well as medium to large pools will generally take 1-3 hours for installation. That is from the point the cover is unfolded, laid out over the pool, preliminarily fit, all anchors are drilled, and any treatments are installed and properly fitted. The more complicated the cover the more time it can take; specifically if you have intricate or specialty decking around the pool which require advanced drilling techniques and/or additional tools that can also increase the amount of time the installation will take.

  • What do I need to know to get an estimated cost on a safety cover?

    Here are four things you may want to keep in mind when inquiring about the estimated cost of a safety cover: size and shape of the pool, obstacles within 36 inches of water, steps and/or sundecks, and type of decking. [READ MORE]

    1. The overall length and width of the pool is very important in estimating the cost of a new safety cover. Measure the longest length and widest width of the pool to estimate its size. The shape of the pool is another important factor. Is the pool geometric (rectangle, oval, square) or freeform (round corners with many curves)?

    2. Next determine if there are any obstacles within 36 inches of the water line such as a diving board, waterfall and/or slide that are unable to be removed at the time of the installation. These features may effect the overall price of the installation.

    3. Furthermore, identify if there are entry steps to the pool or sun deck that protrude out from the pool shape. For example, most pools typically have a 4’x8’ entry step. The entry step and other similar features need to be accounted for when determining the estimated cost of the overall cover.

    4. The type of decking around the pool must also be considered when estimating the cost. There needs to be a minimum of 36-40 inches around the entire perimeter of the pool. Most pool owners have a solid pour concrete that can be drilled into. However, paver style decking may be a more costly installation because of additional materials and time involved in installing the cover.

  • Why should I buy from Seasonal World verses an online source?

    Seasonal World is the solution for your safety cover needs! Seasonal World’s team of safety cover professionals have measured and installed thousands of safety covers. Our Safety Cover Specialists provide in-home consultations in which we evaluate the pool, provide an estimate, address the individual needs of each buyer, and consider additional circumstances in order to make recommendations for the safety cover that best meets the needs of each buyer. [READ MORE]

    We have extensive knowledge and experience in pairing up each pool owner with the right cover based on their needs and budget. After the purchase of your safety cover, a Seasonal World Cover Technician will come out to do a complete in-depth measurement of the entire pool. Any specialty treatments will be properly measured and photographed at the time of the site-visit. The order and measurements will then be sent to a local New Jersey manufacturer where the safety cover will be made. The custom fit cover will be designed using the latest CAD technology and fitted to the terms agreed upon. Once your safety cover is complete, Seasonal World will come out and perform the installation of the custom fit safety cover to your pool. Any adjustments or modifications will be made on-site.

    Although online sources generally have convenient access and may offer appealing prices, these online providers often put the onus on the buyer to independently do a lot of the work and provide all of the accurate information such as measurements and submitting the entire order online. Typically, after the online order is processed the cover is shipped to the end user for self installation. Furthermore, there is minimal involvement between the buyer and company processing the order and very limited interaction in terms of recommendation styles.

    Seasonal World provides limited manufacturer warranties on all of our safety covers. We act as an intermediary with the manufacturer and help the buyer facilitate and/or process the warranty claim. Furthermore, when handling warranty claims, we go out to the buyer’s house, remove all hardware, pick up the cover, and make sure the cover gets to the manufacturer for warranty repair. Once the warranty issue is addressed, Seasonal World will redeliver the cover to the purchaser so that it can be installed come time of pool closing. Although online sources may provide warranties for the safety cover, the buyer often takes on the responsibility of independently addressing warranty issues. Seasonal World offers superior service before, during, and after your safety cover purchase!

  • What is the difference between a mesh safety cover and a solid safety cover?

    When most people think of mesh safety covers, they typically think of the older style mesh covers from fifteen plus years ago. In the past, the older mesh covers provided all of the benefits of safety but allowed sunlight, debris, and water penetration into the pool thus resulting in a dirty pool when opened. The industry as a whole has improved and designed high-density more advanced grade mesh covers! Mesh covers have changed for the better. [READ MORE]

    The new and improved tighter weave design of the mesh cover provides many benefits. The industry continued to maintain safety and integrity of the mesh cover while also providing improved sunlight and debris prevention resulting in a cleaner pool upon opening. Since water can penetrate the mesh cover, a pump is not needed. In addition, mesh covers have a longer life span and warranty, are lighter, and generally require less repairs.

    Solid safety covers, on the other hand, are designed to prevent sunlight, debris, and water from penetrating the cover and getting into the pool as a result. There are two options to remove standing water from the cover after it rains or snows. One option is an automatic pump that will sense and remove surface water on the cover. Another option is a window mesh filter panel to remove standing water. Solid covers have the advantage of opening an incredibly clean pool that is usually swim-ready in 24-48 hours after removing the cover, however, they do have a shorter life span and warranties, are heavier to move, and generally need more repairs.

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