• Referrer must be 21 years of age and a US citizen to be eligible for $300.00 payment for a valid referral.
  • In order for Referrer to earn a $300.00 payment for a referral, the person/household that is referred must purchase a new inground swimming pool from Seasonal World with complete installation. Purchase must be made between November 1, 2015 through December 31, 2016. All referrals must be submitted via http://www.seasonalworld.com/cashforreferrals and the required information must be filled out in its entirety in order for the referral to be valid.
  • There are no other referral payments available for any other type of referral other than the purchase of a new inground swimming pool from Seasonal World.
  • Please take notice that it will be the responsibility of the Referrer to gain permission of the Referral to submit their information to Seasonal World.
  • In the event that a purchase is made as a result of the Referrer providing the Referral, the $300.00 payment will be paid upon the completion of the Referral’s excavation portion of the installation of the swimming pool. Payments will not be made until the swimming pool excavation is completed.
  • There are no payments that are redeemable in the event that the Referral signs a contract and then cancels or places the project on hold.
  • For payable Referrals based upon the terms and conditions contained herein, Referrer will be required to fill out Form W-9 from the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service prior to the payment being issues by Seasonal World. Also note, that any payments made in a calendar year that are greater than $600.00 will be subject to 1099 Miscellaneous Income Form from the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service
  • All purchases made prior to November 1, 2015 are excluded from this program.
  • Program terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Program expires December 31, 2016.